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Cheap Car Rentals in Amman, Jordan

Jordan is among one of the Middle East countries.

Visa Information

If you have a Hong Kong passport or Turkish passport, then there is not need to require a visa for entering Jordan. Two types of visa are there in Jordan (1) the normal visa and (2) Aqaba Special Economic Zone visa. You will be eligible to get a single entry visa which is valid for one month. The people who generally arriving at Aqaba, for them ASEZ visa is provided by the authority. There is no other rule along with this visa. Only you have to remember that you have to leave the country from the same border and it is done within the time span of one month. There is no requirement to renew your visa. You can rent a car in amman at lowest prices from us.

Jordan Airport

Jordan’s main airport is Queen Alia International Airport. It is situated in Amman. Along with this two international airport are there in Jordan and among them King Hussein International Airport is very famous. Amman and Aqaba route is the only domestic airline route in Jordan. If you are looking for car rental in Amman Queen Alia International Airport,book online you rent a car Amman Jordan from us at cheap rates.

Car Rental in Amman Jordan

There are a lot of car rental companies in Jordan. They provide different types of cars to satisfy your need. Car rental in Amman Jordan has seen a huge improvement in the past several of years. Tourists, visitors who are needy one, prefer to rental car rather than hiring a taxi. These car hiring companies are very easy for visiting tourists to access their services, both from domestic and abroad based. They provide a huge range of different types of car to meet your need. You can find information about these car rental companies on the internet for better facilities and deals. Or you may visit one of many car rental companies when you will reach in Jordan.

Different types of cars are offered by these car rental companies of Jordan. And it is totally depending upon you that what kind of car you will choose for your journey. You can choose a small, economical car or you can choose a luxury or a high end one. This classification is done to meet the requirement and need of the tourists or visitors. According to your budget and your requirement, you can choose your rental car. You can find many companies who provide small, economical car and cheap car rental in Amman Jordan, due to the huge demand of the tourists.

So, now you can plan to visit to Jordan for a pleasing journey or any business purpose. So, go ahead with your plane and be free to enjoy your journey and you can use services which are provided by these car rental companies in Jordan to explore the Jordan in your own way. Along with that, these car rental companies provide many other services which will be required for a tourist when he or she is traveling in a foreign land.

Climate in Jordan

In summer it is a semi-dry place and average temperature in summer stay around 30 to 35 degree centre-grate. And in winter season average temperature stay around 13 to 15 degree centre-grate. Snowfall is occurred in Amman between November and March. Actually, Jordan possesses a climate of the Mediterranean style.

The tourism industry in Jordan

The tourism industry is a very important aspect of Jordan’s economy. Approximately, 8 million visitors visit Jordan in the year of 2010, so, the tourism industry is a booming industry in Jordan. Jordan provides everything to satisfy the need of the tourists. Jordan has world famous cultural and historical places, and it also provides world class facilities and entertainment to satisfy the urge of the visitors. Jordan is famous for its seaside recreation and along with the seaside there are numerous international standard resorts to fulfill the urge of the tourists. You can explore the historical sites of Jerash and Petra in Jordan and you can enjoy the beach lifestyle in the Dead Sea and Aqaba with world class facilities. The Distant Heat festival annually organizes in Wadi Rum and also in Aqaba.


The tradition and religion are very important aspects in the modern-day society of Jordan. The citizen of Jordan lives in a unique traditional society and that has been influenced by the present globalization. Jordan’s society is considered one of the world famous cosmopolitan countries in the Arab. Jordan’s culture is reflected through its cultural activities and the wide spectrum of the creativity in different types of cultural fields like sculpture, painting and photography, the art of ceramics, graphic arts, and video art and so on.

Fun Activities

The Bedouin Mediation Camp – It is situated in Wadi Rum World Heritage area. Here you can see both Red Desert and White Desert. Here you can test the beautiful food and explore the culture of the Bedouin. The most beautiful experience is to see the Sunset.

Sharhabil Bin Hassneh EcoPark – It is a very famous tourist spot. The most important thing is a beautiful landscape. Wadi Rum Protected Area – The local Bedouin organizer organizes the regular tour program and provides accommodation.

If you are visiting Jordan then you must visit to see the Dead Sea and get the experience of floating and forget about the drowning. The biggest tourist attraction of Jordan is to see the Archaeological Ruins at Petra.

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