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Cheap Car Rental Muscat

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About Oman

The capital city and the main city of Oman is Muscat. It is the largest city of Oman. The weather in Muscat is tropical and very hot. Muscat is basically consisting of three different towns like Muscat, Matrah and Ruwi. The GCC nationals doesn't require a visa to enter Oman, however the expatriates who live in any of the GCC countries should get the visa from the airport paying fee. Muscat is a beautiful place to visit.

Rent a Car in Muscat

In Muscat there are many service providers who provide rental car in the city. An international license of driving is needed if you want to hire a car. You can find that most of the car rental agencies have their offices at the airport. Here you can avail car rental facilities for a weekly Car Rental in Muscat. It will be an economically better deal and be sufficient for you to explore the maximum number of places of Muscat. You can also try to book a taxi or bus for the sightseeing, but it will be more expensive than hire a car from a cheap car rental company in Muscat. You should go through very carefully and minutely about the terms and conditions of the car rental company. And you should well aware about the terms and conditions related to the driving on the roads of Oman and you will get full information about this in the pages of checkout.

Fabulous Option for Cross-Border Driving

There is a few hours’ distance between Muscat and Dubai. If you wish to visit Dubai then just rent a car from a cheap car rental company in Muscat and enjoy the cross-border drive to Dubai. And for that purpose you must take permission from the car hiring company. For cross-border driving you should have to pay for the insurance, because you would be entering to the border of another country. This process also applies for the vice-versa, so, you can hire a car from a car rental company in Dubai and drive to Muscat. And here the legal procedure will be same as mention earlier.

Tips for hiring a car in Muscat

The car hiring business in Muscat is a booming business. However, you should be well aware about what type of car you are going to rent for your journey. So, you should follow some minute things when you are deciding to rent a car in muscat from a cheap car rental company in Muscat.

a. You should first go through an in-depth search on the internet. And try to collect information about the car rental companies in Muscat as much as possible. So that you would get right and current information about the car rental companies in Muscat.

b. After that you will definitely approach those car rental companies those are highly competent, recommended and trusted.

c. Always go for the economical rental deal with the car provider company, when you are going to hire a small car for your journey.

d. If you are going to hire a high end car or any luxury car, then you should press for high discount from the car rental company. Because the profit margin is kept in this segment of the car is higher than the small car. Obviously, you can go to the best deal for your rental car.

Hope these tips will be helpful for you, when you are going to hire a car in Muscat.

Taxi facilities

The Maxi Taxis run throughout the town of Muscat. They actually run where they want so it is your duty to find one that is going to your destination.

Must See

Bait az-Zubair Museum - This museum shows the Omani social history. Al Jalali Fort and Al Mirani Fort - These forts are situated on Qasr Al Alam Street. It is very famous in Muscat and here photography is granted.

Qasr Al Alam Royal Palace – This palace is guarded by Jalali fort and Mirani Fort. This is the palace of the ruler of Oman. Corniche Area – It is recently renovated area and it is a very important and popular place. You can see many eating places here.

Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque - This is the third biggest mosque in the earth. It is also open for non-Muslim visitors.


Muscat is a place of full of entertainment. You can explore Safari Night, Rock Climbing, Trekking, Camel Racing, Turtle Watching, Dolphin Watching, Horseback Riding, Jewellery Shopping and so on. In Muscat there is ample scope of Scuba Diving. For Scuba Diving in Muscat, then you will visit the Oman Dive Centre in Bandar Jissah.

Enjoy the Drink in Muscat

You will get enormous joy of different types of drink in Muscat. Every street corner and road you will find coffee- shop. You may enjoy different types of delicious fresh juices of fruits in Muscat. A large number of cafes and stalls of different types of drink are available in Muscat.

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