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The United Arab Emirates consists of seven emirates and among them Sharjah is the third biggest one. Sharjah is the unique one because it consists the land of both the Gulf of Oman and the Gulf Coast of Persia. Sharjah is effectively a suburb of Dubai and it also situated next to Dubai. A large number of expatriates live in Sharjah because all better jobs are available in Dubai, but the living cost of Dubai is much higher than Sharjah. So people generally prefer to live in Sharjah.

Car rental business is on the high because of the huge demands

With the recent opening of many car rental companies in the city, Sharjah has seen a huge influx in this sector in the past couple of years. Tourists, and needy people, prefer using a rental car, rather than taking taxis. These car rental companies are very convenient for visiting tourists, both from abroad and domestic based, as they provide the flexible offer of having a car. To Rent a Car in Sharjah, all you have to do is either log into the various websites created by these car rental companies. Or even when you reach Sharjah, walk into one of many car stores to select your rental car. The deals are designed in such a way that it will be attracted to them once they have a single look at them. Various kinds of cars are offered by these upcoming car renting companies, the cars vary from high end luxury cars to economical small cars. This segregation is done to suit the budget, and the requirement, of a visiting tourist. There are many companies who are providing economical and Cheap Car Rentals in Sharjah area, because of the huge demand from the visitors. Car Rental procedure in Sharjah

There are basically two types of car hiring procedure in Sharjah. The first option is the deposit of a credit card. You should deposit your credit card when you are going to rent a car from a car rental company. The second option is the deposit of passport. The car rental companies are taking these documents for the reason of security.

So what is stopping you? Go ahead, be fearless, plan a trip, go crazy and use the upcoming services of Car Rentals in Sharjah to explore the city in your own style and liking. One thing is for sure, these companies are going to boom even more thanks to the service they are offering.

Interesting places in Sharjah

1. The Rolla Square – It is a very famous location for those who work in this area and on the weekends they come here for enjoyment. And it is also an attractive place for tourists and visitors. This name was given for a Rolla, the name of a banyan tree, which is standing in this square.

2. Sharjah Calligraphy Museum - It is a museum of preserving of calligraphic works of art.

3. The Blue Souq – The Blue Souq as commonly has known as the Souq Al Markazi and it’s a very famous destination for visitors and tourists. It consists of the clothing souq, a souq of gold, and its 1st floor has occupied with jewellery and antiques shops.

4. Sharjah Meseum of Islamic Civilization – It is very famous place of Sharjah. You can see letters, handwritten Qurans of Prophet Muhammad.

5. The Souq Al Arsah – It is a part of a project of renovation and it is called the Sharjah’s heart. It has been entirely a rebuilt project.

Do Some Fun

In summer time jet skiing is a very lucrative thing in Khalid Lagoon in Sharjah. In the month of December F1 Boat Race is organized at man-made island. There is a very beautiful mosque named Qanat al Qasba. There is a ferry service from Al Qasba and this will provide you a tour around Sharjah. Several festivals are organized throughout the year in Sharjah and those are very beautiful experiences of cultural activities. At these festivals you will get camel rides, delicious foods and dishes of Arab, henna and much more. A unique festival is observed in Sharjah and that is Date Festival. This particular festival is organized at the market of fruit and vegetable from 15th May to 15th August. You will see shawarma, an ubiquitous food, is sold all places in Sharjah. It is very cheap and it is also a very hearty meal. You may also try khuboos. It is made of wheat and it is also very cheap.


Sharjah is a cosmopolitan city and it is a city where several cultures coexist with amicably. The authority of Sharjah created the set up of different institutions of culture. The entire project consists of conservation of several heritage of culture, active participation of interaction with different cultures; create new museums, arts and scientific centers. And along with this establishing of satellite television channels are projecting and reflecting its culture and its values.

Climate in Sharjah

Sharjah possesses the climate of a hot desert. In winter season, sharjah is a place of warm winter and in summer, sharjah is extremely hot place. Here the rainfall is quite erratic and light and rainfall occurs between November and May. The maximum proportion of rainfall of a year falls between February and March.

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